Lethbridge Genealogical Society’s Southern Alberta Obituary Index


Thanks to our dedicated volunteers we have obituary indexes from 1885 to 2019.

A special thanks to Bruce Haig for donating his scrapbooks and indexes for the earlier years.


These indexes are for reasonable personal searches and not to be copied, distributed, shared or sold.


This is an index only, please contact us at lethags@theboss.net  for more information


The cost is $10.00  for each obituary or 2 for $15.00 regardless of the size.

Payable in CAD or US funds by cash, cheque, postal money order, moneygram or e-transfer.

We cannot accept debit or credit cards. Upon receipt of payment the obituary will be emailed.


Searchable Use “Ctrl F”

All searches are case-insensitive, you can search by John same as john or JOHN

There are four columns, Surname, Given Name, Maiden or other names, Year.

Bruce Haig  1885 - 1959

1960 – 1969                1970 – 1979

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