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Index of names from the Lethbridge Herald

Alkire, W.H., abt. 35 yr., Nanton,  died at home near Cayley Thurs., a widower, son abt.12 yrs, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Amundsen, Mr. & Mrs. 0. J., Claresholm, a son born Monday, p.4, (June 28 1906)
Austin, Mrs., Fernie, wife of CPR agent at Elko in Cranbrook, died, p.7, (June 7, 1906)
Barlow, Miss,  md. to Rev. R. A. Robinson on June 12th at Olds, p.4, (June 28 1906)
Brower, John ,Raymond, a son born Wednesday, June 13, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Brower,  Orson, Raymond, a daughter born Saturday, June 9, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Coleman, Miss Irene, Magrath, marriage on Wednesday, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Coombs,  M.A.,  Cardston, a daughter born on Thursday, 11th,  p.4, (June 28 1906)
Critchfield, Mrs. A.B.,  Lethbridge, a daughter born on Wednesday, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Dunn, G.R, Lethbridge, a daughter born June 2, a daughter, p.7, (June 7, 1906)
Digby,  Miss Lillian Jane, Fernie, md. to Mr. A. Mathison, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Duck, Mr. James, Claresholm, marriage to H. Tollington to be on 20 June,  p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Duck,  Mr. Joseph,  Meadow Creek, Claresholm, md. Miss Hattie Tollington, p.4, (June 28 1906)
Edwards, Mr. Walter, Cranbrook, marriage last Monday, p. 7 (June 14, 1906)
Evans, Mr. Joseph, Magrath, marriage on Wednesday, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Foster , Miss Kathleen Constance, Montreal, md. to Dr. C. A. Porteous,   p.5, (June 28, 1906)
Gibb, John M.,Magrath, a baby girl born on the 23rd ult., p.7, (June 7, 1906)
Harrison, Miss Ella, Medicine Hat, teacher, death Wednesday, p.4,(June 28 1906)
Harrison, Rev.  J. M., daughter Ella diedon Wednesday,  p.4,(June 28 1906)
Ibey, Robert, Cardston, daughter born last Tues.,  p.7, (June 7, 1906)
James, Flossie, married on the 23rd ult. to J. Formlinson, p.7, (June 7, 1906)
Johnson, W. S., Raymond, a son born - Monday, June 11th,  p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Jones, Sam, Lethbridge, md. Wednesday night to B. Winacotte p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Kenny, Mr. Ed , Cardston, son born Monday, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Lamarche, Mrs., Penhold, death of self and son by drowning, p.4,(June 28 1906)
Leonard, C., Lethbridge, son born June 11th,  p7, (June 7, 1906)
Low, Mr. Duane, Cardston, daughter born Friday,.p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Martin, Ernest, Raymond, Nine Mile, a son born May 29, p.7,  (June 7, 1906)
Mathison, Mr. Archibald , Fernie, md. L. J. Digby, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
McFarquhar, George, Ft. Macleod, death of mother in Guelph on  May.15th, p.7, (June 7, 1906)
McLean, Mrs. Diana, Blairmore, died 14th Jun. at Frank, p.7 (June 21, 1906)
McLean, John D., Blairmore, death of wife June 14 at Frank, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
McNicoll, Mrs. J. W., sister to K. C. Foster who md. Dr. Porteous, p.5,(June 28, 1906)
Merkley, Mrs. A., Lethbridge, a son born on Tuesday, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Neil, Jas.,  Grassy Lake, daughter born June 11,  p.7, (June 14, 1906)
O'Neil, Miss Bertie, Point Edward, engagement to R.A. Wright, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
O'Neil, Major, Point Edward, father of Bertie O'Neil, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Orr, Miss Ammy, Blairmore, md. F. Thompson, Tuesday, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Paterson,  J. J.,Raymond,  a son born on May 29, p.7, (June 7, 1906)
Peterson, Annie, Raymond, marriage to H. Stone, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Peverelli,  Miss Ethel , Cranbrook, md. last Monday to W. Edwards, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Phipps, A.H., Milk River, funeral, two brothers, one from Utah and one from  Thornbury, Ont., p.7, (June 7, 1906).
Phipps, Mr. H, Cardston, daughter born, Sunday,  p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Porter, William, Lethbridge,  daughter  born, June 1, p.7, (June 7, 1906)
Porteous, Dr. Carlyle A., Montreal , marriage 11 July in Montreal to Kathleen C. Foster, p.5, (June 28, 1906)
Robinson, Rev. R. A., Blairmore, Coleman, md. Miss Barlow on June 12th at Olds, , p.4,(June 28 1906)
Smith, Mrs. Bayard, Cardston, a son born on Wednesday 20th, p.4, (June 28 1906)
Stone, Mr. Harry, Raymond, married toAnnie Peterson on Saturday, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Thompson, Mr. Fred, Blairmore, md. Miss Ammy Orr, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Toil, John, Medicine Hat, England, death, p.7, (June 21, 1906)
Tollington,  Miss Hattie, Claresholm,  marriage to J. Duck to be on June 20, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Tollington, Miss Hattie, Montreal, md to Joseph Duck on Wednesday, p.4,(June 28 1906)
Tomlinson, Mr. James,married on the 23rd ult. to F. James, p.7, (June 7, 1906)
Winacotte, Miss V. Barbara,   md. Wed. to S. Jones, p.7, (June 14, 1906)
Wright,  R.A., Lethbridge, engaged to Bertie O'Neil, p.7, (June 14, 1906)

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