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Alkire W. H. Nanton Abt 35 yrs Died at home near Cayley Thurs, a widower, son abt 12yrs Page 7 21Jun1906
Amundsen Mr. & Mrs. 0. J. Claresholm A son born Monday Page 4 28Jun1906
Austin Mrs. Fernie Wife of CPR agent at Elko in Cranbrook died Page 7 07Jun1906
Barlow Miss   Md. to Rev. R. A. Robinson on June 12th at Olds Page 4 28Jun1906
Brower John Raymond A son born Wednesday, June13 Page 7 21Jun1906
Brower Orson Raymond A daughter born Saturday, June 9 Page 7 21Jun1906
Coleman Miss Irene Magrath Marriage on Wednesday Page 7 14Jun1906
Coombs M. A. Cardston A daughter born on Thursday, 11th Page 4 28Jun1906
Critchfield Mrs. A. B. Lethbridge A daughter born on Wednesday Page 7 14Jun1906
Dunn G. R. Lethbridge A daughter born June 2 Page 7 07Jun1906
Digby Miss Lillian Jane Fernie Md. to Mr. A. Mathison Page 7 14Jun1906
Duck Mr. ames Claresholm Marriage to H. Tollington to be on 20 June Page 7 14Jun1906
Duck Mr. Joseph Meadow Creek, Claresholm Md. Miss Hattie Tollington Page 4 28Jun1906
Edwards Mr. Walter Cranbrook Marriage last Monday Page 7 14Jun1906
Evans Mr. Joseph Magrath Marriage on Wednesday Page 7 14Jun1906
Foster Miss Kathleen Constance Montreal Md. to Dr. C. A. Porteous Page 5 28Jun1906
Gibb John M. Magrath A baby girl born on the 23rd ult. Page 7 07Jun1906
Harrison Miss Ella Medicine Hat Teacher, death Wednesday Page 4 28Jun1906
Harrison Rev. J. M.   Daughter Ella died on Wednesday Page 4 28Jun1906
Ibey Robert Cardston Daughter born last Tues. Page 7 07Jun1906
James Flossie   Married on the 23rd ult. to J. Formlinson Page 7 07Jun1906
Johnson W. S. Raymond A son born-Monday, June 11th Page 7 21Jun1906
Jones Sam Lethbridge Md. Wednesday night to B. Winacotte Page 7 14Jun1906
Kenny Mr. Ed Cardston S on born Monday Page 7 14Jun1906
Lamarche Mrs. Penhold Death of self and son by drowning Page 4  28Jun1906
Leonard C. Lethbridge Son born June 11th Page 7 07Jun1906
Low Mr. Duane Cardston Daughter born Friday Page 7 14Jun1906
Martin Ernest Raymond, Nine Mile A son born May 29 Page 7 07Jun1906
Mathison Mr. Archibald Fernie Md. L. J. Digby Page 7 14Jun1906
McFarquhar George Ft.Macleod Death of mother in Guelph on May 15th Page 7 07Jun1906
McLean Mrs. Diana Blairmore Died 14th Jun at Frank Page 7 21Jun1906
McLean John D. Blairmore Death of wife June 14 at Frank Page 7 21Jun1906
McNicoll Mrs. J. W.   Sister to K. C. Foster who Md. Dr. Porteous Page 5 28Jun1906
Merkley Mrs. A. Lethbridge A son born on Tuesday Page 7 14Jun1906
Neil Jas. Grassy Lake Daughter born June11 Page 7 14Jun1906
O'Neil Miss Bertie Point Edward Engagement to R. A. Wright Page 7 14Jun1906
O'Neil Major Point Edward Father of Bertie O'Neil Page 7 14Jun1906
Orr Miss Ammy Blairmore Md. F. Thompson, Tuesday Page 7 21Jun1906
Paterson J. J. Raymond A son born on May 29 Page 7 07Jun1906
Peterson Annie Raymond Marriage to H. Stone Page 7 21Jun1906
Peverelli Miss Ethel Cranbrook Md. last Monday to W. Edwards Page 7 14Jun1906
Phipps A.H. Milk River Funeral, two brothers, one from Utah and one from Thornbury, Ont. Page 7 07Jun1906.
Phipps Mr. H. Cardston Daughter born, Sunday Page 7 14Jun1906
Porter William Lethbridge Daughter born, June 1 Page 7 07Jun1906
Porteous Dr. Carlyle A. Montreal Marriage 11 July in Montreal to Kathleen C. Foster Page 5 28Jun1906
Robinson Rev. R. A. Blairmore,Coleman Md. Miss Barlow on June 12th at Olds Page 4 28Jun1906
Smith Mrs. Bayard Cardston A son born on Wednesday 20th Page 4 28Jun1906
Stone Mr. Harry Raymond Married to Annie Peterson on Saturday Page 7 21Jun1906
Thompson Mr. Fred Blairmore Md. Miss Ammy Orr Page 7 21Jun1906
Toil John Medicine Hat England, Death Page 7 21Jun1906
Tollington Miss Hattie Claresholm Marriage to J. Duck to be on June 20 Page 7 14Jun1906
Tollington Miss Hattie Montreal Md. to Joseph Duck on Wednesday Page 4 28Jun1906
Tomlinson Mr. James   Married on the 23rd ult. to F. James Page 7 07Jun1906
Winacotte Miss V. Barbara   Md. Wed to S. Jones Page 7 14Jun1906
Wright R. A. Lethbridge Engaged to Bertie O'Neil Page 7 14Jun1906


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