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Zella Raymond Married B. F. Johnson
Austin Mr. & Mrs. James Cardston A son born 25 Dec 1905
Block Florence Claresholm Married J. Walters
Chipps Jacob Cardston Married to H, May on 26 Dec 1905
Dougal Mr. & Mrs, James Blaimore A son born
Grier Jamers Willow Creek 85th birthday
Hicks Wm. J. High River Married B. Walker
Johnson Benjamin F. Raymond Married Z. Allred
Lein Carl Coutts Married G. Lyman
Lyman Grace Claresholm Married C. Lein
May Hannah Aetna Married to J. Chipps
Powell T. A. MacLeod Married M. F. Small
Robertson   High River Ekected Conservative M. P. on recount
Small M. F. Port Hope Married T. A. Powell
Smith Mr. Cardston A daughter born last week
Speidel Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A son born
Squires Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cardston A son born 29 Dec 1905
Walker Birdie High River Married W. J. Hicks
Walters James Claresholm Married F. Block

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